Student Spotlight

Valerie Goros

Like many of the students at AIMS, the path that Valerie Goros took to get here was nontraditional. Valerie’s first experience working was for her father. She began working for his business while she was still in high school. He owned an embroidery and uniform company.

She continued to work for her father for a number of years after graduating high school and eventually took over the business when he passed away. After running the business for more than a year, she began to realize it wasn’t for her. The high levels of stress that come with running a small business were making her unhappy.

It was not an easy decision, but she eventually decided to move on from the business. She was able to find a buyer and make a deal to sell the company. After selling the business, she worked in retail for a short time, but the hours and pay were not very good. It was at that time that she started thinking about a career in healthcare. This led her to AIMS Education.

Valerie stopped by AIMS one day to get some general information about our programs and she quickly realized that healthcare was the field for her. She chose to enroll in the Medical Billing & Coding program. She saw it as an in-demand career that offered a steady and predictable work schedule. She was also looking for a short program, so the 4 month duration was a key factor in her decision.

“I chose AIMS because it is an accredited school with a great reputation and excellent teachers.”

Going back to school is always challenging. Balancing one’s life outside of the classroom and still finding time to study and do homework is the key. Valerie handled the challenge very well. In fact, she found the medical billing and coding courses to be fairly simple as long as she paid attention and stayed focused in class.

Valerie had a great experience at AIMS. She felt that she learned a lot and the training really prepared her for a career as a medical biller and coder. After she completes her internship she plans to take a national certification examination so she can become certified. Once certified, she hopes she can find a job near her home.

Name: Valerie Goros
Program: Medical Billing & Coding
Graduation Date: June 2016