President's Message

A Message from AIMS Education President Chirag Patel

Welcome to AIMS Education College of Health Sciences. AIMS enjoys a short but distinguished history as an institution of higher education. Since being founded in 2004, I have had the pleasure of seeing our students grow and develop into highly trained and competent healthcare professionals. AIMS graduates can now be found working throughout the healthcare industry in a variety of allied health professions.

At AIMS we understand that the primary reason our students seek an education is to improve their career prospects and better their lives. It is our job to provide them with the tools they require to reach their goals. By hiring experienced healthcare professionals and educators to train our students, and forming affiliations with major teaching hospitals and healthcare facilities, we are ensuring that our graduates are well-prepared to enter the workforce.

Clearly not every person who walks through our doors has the same needs or goals. Meeting the needs of each student is a challenge that all institutions of higher education face. At AIMS, we strive to offer options to every student who walks through our doors.

Training is available for those interested in diagnostic, patient, and administrative services. As one of the few private colleges in New Jersey that offers training in each of these areas, we are in a unique position to prepare our students for a variety of outstanding career opportunities.

I welcome you to explore all the opportunities that are available at AIMS, and to discover a path that will guide you toward a bright future in healthcare.