Robert Wood Johnson Site Visit

Pharmacy Technician Students Take a Tour of RWJUH

On Thursday, March 21, 2019, Pharmacy Technician program director Dave Oldenhage and his evening students met with Candice Smith at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick. Candice is the Lead Pharmacy Technician at RWJUH. She oversees 80 technicians and schedules, and trains and monitors all of them throughout their shifts. Candice is also our connection for internship opportunities at Robert Wood Johnson.

It is because of her vast knowledge and experience, that she has given us a clear insight into the expectations, daily protocols, and professional growth needed to enter most pharmacy settings, including a level 1 trauma hospital. We learned that RWJUH has 650 beds and all technicians have an opportunity to work within any unit contained in the hospital. Our tour consisted of visiting the main pharmacy, which is in the basement of the Children's Hospital, as well as satellite stations throughout the hospital.

We were given an in-depth explanation regarding the flow of a hospital pharmacy, and we were able to see the many automated dispensing machines (ADMs) in action. Overall, this opportunity was extremely valuable as we had the chance to see the hospital work environment firsthand.

Written by: Sherry Harmon