Introducing AIMS Education College of Health Sciences

AIMS Education is now a licensed college in NJ. We will begin offering associate degree and credit-bearing programs in 2024.

Constitution Day

Constitution Day

September 14, 2023

Constitution Day is observed on September 17 each year. It commemorates the founding of our government and allows us to celebrate our citizenship.

Sonography Guest Speaker - Dail DeSouza

During a guest lecture by Dail DeSouza on July 25, 2023, DMS students learned about the various types of scans performed in Maternal Fetal Medicine.

NDT Guest Speaker - David Zimmerman

David Zimmerman presented an on-campus guest lecture to the neurodiagnostic technologist class on July 25, 2023.

AIMS Education Hosts Informative Guest Lecture on New Technologies in Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Sonography students were treated to an enlightening guest lecture and lab session by Katelin Edson, a clinical application specialist from GE Healthcare.

Sonography Guest Speaker - Dr. Nimisha Mehta

Dr. Nimisha Mehta, a board-certified radiologist, conducted a guest lecture for the Diagnostic Medical Sonography class.

Heritage Highlights - Nanette Kass Wenger

Dr. Nanette Kass Wenger, a prominent cardiologist, has gained worldwide recognition for her groundbreaking research in coronary heart disease among women.

First Annual AIMS International Women's Day Gathering

The first annual AIMS International Women's Day Gathering celebrated the talented group of women who proudly call the AIMS Education their professional home. 

Heritage Highlights - Patricia E. Bath

Dr. Patricia Bath, a medical pioneer and humanitarian, created the idea of community ophthalmology and worked to end inequality in vision care.