Mission Statement and Objectives

Mission Statement

The mission of AIMS Education is to offer the highest quality career-focused education to students seeking to improve their lives and those of others by entering the healthcare field.

It is our goal to ensure that each graduate enters the workforce armed with the knowledge, training, and experience needed to build a successful career.


  • Employ highly qualified faculty who possess the knowledge, skills, and expertise required to educate and train students for successful careers.
  • Encourage innovation and professional growth amongst all faculty and staff members.
  • Offer comprehensive career training programs that fully prepare students to enter the workforce.
  • Provide effective learning environments – small class sizes, up-to-date equipment, modern classrooms and laboratories – which allow students to gain the proper knowledge, skills, and competencies required for employment in their fields of study.
  • Ensure that students gain practical experience which reflects current practices in the workplace, including hands-on training from instructors and/or practical training during clinical internships.
  • Offer a variety of career training programs that match the demands of the job market and fit the needs of students.
  • Continually research and adjust program offerings to adapt to long-term trends in the job market.
  • Provide career guidance and support to students to ensure they are able to find employment opportunities in their chosen fields of study.