*The policies for all clock-hour programs - programs which started in 2023 or earlier - are available in the PCS School Catalog.

Distance Education Programs

All programs at AIMS Education are taught using a hybrid learning format.

Method of Delivery

All hybrid courses will include on-campus and online instruction. Lectures may be offered on campus or remotely via a Learning Management System (LMS). Laboratory classes are usually conducted on campus or at a clinical site.Online instruction will be taught synchronously. Synchronous instruction is real-time instruction that requires students to attend online classes at scheduled times.

Basic Computer Skills

Basic computer skills are a minimum requirement for all students who wish to enroll in a distance education program. Basic computer skills include the ability to:

  • Start, restart, and shut down a computer
  • Type at a beginner level or higher
  • Use a word processor
  • Use a web browser
  • Send and receive email