Graduate Spotlight

Victoria Rotondo

Passion for Healthcare

I started my healthcare journey at AIMS Education in the medical assistant program and hope to further my career in the future as an RN. By becoming a healthcare professional I can apply my passion every day by helping people. I always put the needs of others before myself and there’s no better field to apply that than healthcare.

My Experience at AIMS

I believe that I had the best training and teaching from my professor, Dr. Yaacoub, and all of the things the school had to offer with the Medical Assistant program. Dr. Yaacoub was very knowledgeable and was always there to help us. I left AIMS feeling very confident in myself and pursuing my career in the healthcare profession.

Success after Graduation

Since graduating from AIMS, I have been employed at my clinical internship site. I was hired as a medical assistant, and I also assist with the front desk and prior-authorizations. My goal for the future is to go back to school to become an RN. Starting my career in heathcare with AIMS has made me realize I finally found my passion. I want to continue my education and career in healthcare and that is all thanks to AIMS and the training and education I received while I was there.

Name: Victoria Rotondo
Program: Medical Assistant
Graduation Date: July 2019