Graduate Spotlight

Symone Hogan-O'Connor

Background and Experience at AIMS

My overall experience at AIMS was awesome! My professor Dr. Dave was the best I have had. She provided me with the tools necessary to pass the NHA exam and succeed in the field!

Learning the most important aspects, from safety for myself and others, to the order of blood draw, I felt equipped with the confidence and knowledge on my first day as a certified phlebotomist.

Success after Graduation

Since I graduated from AIMS, I passed the NHA exam. I also sat with employment advisors and received placement assistance from the director of student services as well as other student advisors who updated my resume and sent it off to several recruiters.

I started getting job offers within a day of coordinating with AIMS and going over my interest. I accepted two job offers and work with the geriatric population as a mobile phlebotomist.

Name: Symone Hogan-O'Connor
Program: Phlebotomy Technician
Graduation Date: February 2021