Graduate Spotlight

Shenell Quinn

My Experience at AIMS

I've had a very pleasant experience at AIMS Education. I left with a detailed knowledge of the cardiovascular system and ultrasound physics, as well as the ability to scan. I still keep in touch with a few of my classmates and had a great relationship with the faculty and staff. The training and education has allowed me to pursue a career as an echocardiographer. It has allowed me to transition within the healthcare field from an administrative career to a technical career. After I received my RDCS certification I became a lot more marketable.

Why I Chose Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography

I have been employed with the Hunterdon Healthcare network for over 6 years. During the latter part of my career, I started working with a cardiac ultrasound technician who exposed me to echoes and explained the general concept of the exam. I was working full time, so I needed a program that offered evening classes. Within 3 months I was enrolled at AIMS. The program at AIMS was affordable and convenient to get to after work.

Name: Shenell Quinn
Program: Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography
Graduation Date: July 2018