Graduate Spotlight

Raghav Seth

Background and Experience at AIMS

I have been an IT consultant for almost 33 years. The healthcare field had always been my passion but for some reason, I could not get into it. Healthcare is such a noble profession which I realized more during the pandemic period. I also wanted to contribute back to society, which has given me a lot.

At AIMS, my journey has been fantastic. I learned a lot. The course curriculum and the professors are brilliant. The entire academic and administrative staff is very cooperative and helps provide you with the best guidance at every step. They guide you well based on your educational background, your current needs, and your goals. AIMS was able to quickly find a location for my Internship. The doctor’s office added good experience and exposure to my learning experience.

Success after Graduation

After completing the training course at AIMS, I passed my national certification exam as a Phlebotomist. Currently, I am preparing for the EKG Technician certification. I am also working as a trainee at the doctor’s office which was also arranged by AIMS.

Name: Raghav Seth
Program: Cardiac Monitor Technician
Graduation Date: May 2021