Graduate Spotlight

Pallavi Putheti

My Experience at AIMS

I had a good experience at AIMS. I had classmates travelling all the way from Pennsylvania for this course. Our instructor, Ms. Meenu Nair, was quite knowledgeable and guided me through the program. It is a vigorous course with weekly exams. Through hard work and some late nights studying, I was able to pass the class exams. My classmates were all from different ethnic, educational, and professional backgrounds. Group lunches and discussions helped us become good friends. The education and training helped me gain a lot of knowledge in this field.

Success after Graduation

Upon completion of the Medical Billing and Coding program at AIMS, including an internship, I took the national certification exam. After three weeks of preparation, I was able to pass the exam and become certified. I performed well at my job interviews and succeeded in finding the job of my dreams. My career services advisor, Mr. Tony Lopez, was key in helping me find the job. Now I work as an assistant medical billing specialist at Elderology in Metuchen.

Name: Pallavi Putheti
Program: Medical Billing and Coding
Graduation Date: April 2018