Graduate Spotlight

Marzena Brozyna

Before choosing to pursue a career in sonography, Marzena Brozyna had been working as a dental assistant for nearly eight years. She was considering a career change but wasn’t sure which career path she wanted to pursue. Initially she enrolled at Rutgers University to study environmental sciences and public health. Eventually, however, Marzena learned about the possibilities that existed in allied health.

Marzena first learned about AIMS Education from one of her friends who had studied here. Upon hearing about the positive experience her friend had at AIMS, she decided to learn more about the school. She quickly discovered her interest in the Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS) program. Marzena had always wanted to work in the healthcare field but wasn’t sure which career would be the best fit. She knew she didn’t want to be a nurse and medical school wasn’t really an option. The DMS program seemed like a good way for her to transition from the dental field into the medical field.

Marzena enrolled in the DMS program in February 2012 and quickly proved herself to be an exemplary student. She performed well academically and excelled during her clinical training. After graduating from the DMS program, she had nothing but high praise for all of her instructors. According to Marzena, her instructors truly went above and beyond to make sure she fully understood the course material.

“I would definitely recommend this school to others just because I had such a great learning experience!”

Most of the programs at AIMS include a practical training component known as a clinical internship. In addition to the valuable on-the-job experience, internships also offer students the opportunity to network with other professionals working in the healthcare field. Marzena took full advantage of this opportunity and was able to secure a job offer directly from her internship site.

She now works as a diagnostic medical sonographer at Jersey Diagnostic Imaging. She is thrilled to be doing something she enjoys and her career is definitely on the right track. She’s not resting on her laurels though. Eventually she would like to go to medical school to become a radiologist. The future certainly looks bright for Marzena.

Name: Marzena Brozyna
Program: Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Graduation Date: March 2014