Graduate Spotlight

Jacqueline Nieves

Passion for Healthcare

Healthcare has always been a passion of mine because I enjoy helping others. The Endoscopy Technician program caught my attention because of a personal health experience I had.

My Experience at AIMS

My overall experience at AIMS was very pleasant. Our specific program had two instructors. They both had years of experience. They were very knowledgeable, supportive, and just overall awesome. I am very confident in reprocessing endoscopes and assisting with endoscopy procedures because of them.

When internship came, I was nervous to start. However, I fit in right away. Everyone treated me as if I was already an employee and not just a student. I gained more knowledge after getting hands-on experience. They showed me what it was like being an endoscopy technician from start to finish.

Success after Graduation

After completing my internship, I was offered a per diem position by my clinical site and I gladly accepted. My goal for the future is to pass the endoscopy certification exam and be a successful endoscopy technician.

Name: Jacqueline Nieves
Program: Endoscopy Technician
Graduation Date: June 2019