Graduate Spotlight

Jacqueline Faynor

Jacqueline Faynor is a graduate of the Cardiovascular Technologist program at AIMS. Although she wasn’t always aware that she wanted to work in the field of sonography, she always knew that she wanted to help people. That was a value that was instilled in her by her mother. Jacqueline was lucky enough to grow up in a large Irish family that always loved and supported her. Having such a supportive family helped make her journey toward a successful healthcare career a little bit easier.

After graduating from Old Bridge High School in 2008, Jacqueline began attending Middlesex County College. She shifted majors a few times, but eventually decided on Health Science as her major. Her experience working for a pediatrician for four years helped guide her decision and in 2014 she graduated with an Associate in Applied Science.

After graduating from Middlesex County College, she became more convinced that healthcare was the direction she wanted to go. Her decision to ultimately become a cardiovascular technologist stemmed from the fact that heart disease had affected both sides of her family. This helped influence her and gave her the motivation to pursue a career that would allow her to fight for her family.

Jacqueline’s experience as a student at AIMS is one she will never forget. Despite some tough times, she learned a great deal about her field of study as well as herself. The hands-on training, in particular, was one of her favorite parts. She quickly realized how essential it was to becoming a successful sonographer.

"The professors made it simple and easy to learn and pushed us when we needed it."

Jacqueline excelled in many areas at AIMS, but one of her proudest moments was when she was named the student representative for her program. This gave her the opportunity to represent her classmates by providing valuable feedback to the school administration. She played a major role in helping AIMS continue to create a productive learning environment for all students.

The clinical internship is one of the most important aspects of training for a cardiovascular technologist. Students spend 7 to 8 months building up their skills and competencies. Jacqueline was placed at Monmouth Medical Center for her internship and found the clinical experience to be extremely rewarding. She developed great rapport with all of her coworkers and truly appreciated all of the knowledge she learned from the lead techs.

"Not only was the cardiology department a pleasure to work with, but each doctor, nurse, etc. pushed me to be my very best and instilled in me the confidence to be on my own."

After graduating from AIMS, Jacqueline was hired as a full-time cardiovascular technologist in Union, NJ. She works for Dr. Fadi El-Atat. Now that she's gotten to know all of her patients, she always tries to treat them like a member of her own family. She’s not done improving her skills though. She plans to one day go back to school and complete a bachelor’s degree in sonography.

Name: Jacqueline Faynor
Program: Cardiovascular Technologist
Graduation Date: October 2016