Graduate Spotlight

Imani Venable

Background and Experience at AIMS

I have many years of customer service experience. I have always loved helping people and knew that I belonged in a healthcare-related field and have always had an interest in sonography since high school. After obtaining my associate’s degree and then bachelor’s degree, I knew going back to school for ultrasound was my next goal. It wasn’t until the pandemic that I felt it was the perfect time to go back to school and finally accomplish my dream of becoming an ultrasound technician. 

My experience at AIMS has been the ideal experience. It’s a nice teacher to student ratio, wonderful instructors that are very patient, knowledgeable, and teach well! Everyone, from all departments, is always so friendly and helpful if you need it.

The training was excellent and thorough. It definitely prepared me for my internship experience. The clinical department did an amazing job with my internship. I honestly had the best experience and was so grateful! I learned a lot on my internship and the staff was very welcoming that even as a student I still felt like a part of the team.  Kalpana, the DCS/CVT Program Director, has made such a huge and positive impact on me. She has been so patient, kind, and motivated in helping her students succeed. She’s wonderful for the program, so sincere, and filled with knowledge.

Success after Graduation

Justine has been the greatest in helping me find job placement directly after graduating.  I was sent many opportunities for job interviews and was successfully hired as a full-time Echo Tech. I also passed the CCI making me a Registered Cardiac Sonographer. I feel like my dreams have come true and all of my hard work has paid off! I am so blessed!

My future plans is to keep going, soaking up knowledge like a sponge and spreading awareness. I love Cardiology and would be interested in learning other specialties. I would absolutely recommend going to AIMS Education, they want you to succeed and truly believe in you. Overall I have had the best experience and was able to upgrade my life and pursue my goals with a lot of support and encouragement. 

Name: Imani Venable
Program: Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography
Graduation Date: August 2022