Graduate Spotlight

Erica Dalesandro

My Experience at AIMS

I lived in Pennsylvania for 19 years before moving to New Jersey. I moved because I found AIMS. AIMS had everything I was looking for in an education. I was able to get through school while working because of the chance to go to school at night. I loved that I was able to get hands-on experience in class as well. AIMS has been a great place. I was able to get my education quickly and efficiently. Justine was such a great help with finding jobs. The education and training has given me a great amount of knowledge in my field.

Why I Chose Surgical Technologist

I started at a university right out of high school, but soon realized that it was not for me. It took some time to finally find what I was looking for in a career, but once I found the Surgical Technologist program at AIMS, I knew it was the right career for me. Since I graduated, I moved to Florida to start my life and was able to pass the registry exam on the first try.

Name: Erica Dalesandro
Program: Surgical Technologist
Graduation Date: March 2018