Graduate Spotlight

Dominique Conte

Background and Experience at AIMS

The healthcare field has always been a great fit for me because I have such a loving and caring personality, and I always put others' needs before my own. I chose to focus on phlebotomy because blood and veins really interest me. Now that I'm working in the field and able to see the difference I'm making in each patient's life, it is so remarkable.

I chose AIMS because right off the bat the staff was extremely helpful and able to answer all my questions. They covered any and all information about the programs that interested me. They had various programs to choose from, dates, times, and a combination of programs as well!

Success after Graduation

Since graduating from AIMS, I have taken the NHA certification exams for EKG and Phlebotomy. I passed both exams and became a certified EKG technician and a certified phlebotomy technician. I am now employed by LabCorp in Long Branch, NJ, as a Patient Service Technician. I perform blood draws, process specimens, and pack/ship specimens to the lab.

Name: Dominique Conte
Program: EKG/Phlebotomy Technician
Graduation Date: November 2020