Graduate Spotlight

Davinder Kaur

My Experience at AIMS

I completed a bachelor's of pharmacy in India and was always interested in the field of medicine. After coming to the US, I came across AIMS Education and decided to pursue a career as a pharmacy technician. I was thoroughly impressed by the reviews that I saw for AIMS and the school is very close to my house as well. Rightly so, the education I received in the Pharmacy Technician program made me a much more confident person at work.

Success after Graduation

The clinical internship was the best part of my education at AIMS. It allowed me to put into practice everything that I studied in school and helped me learn concepts clearly. Upon graduation, I received my first job at Saint Peter's University Hospital, which would not have been possible without the education and clinical experience provided by AIMS.

Name: Davinder Kaur
Program: Pharmacy Technician
Graduation Date: November 2018