Graduate Spotlight

Christina Nweme

Background and Experience at AIMS

I am a healthcare professional and I have been working in different sectors of healthcare for 7+ years. I have a healthcare background with experience in everything from direct support to laboratories. I went into this field because I've always wanted to take care of people's health. Healthcare can sometimes be a thankless field; you have to have a passion for it - but the reward is when you bring simple happiness to people you don't even know and make them feel better. That is what makes it all worthwhile. 

I came to AIMS to obtain a certification in Surgical Technology. I learned a lot through my didactic courses, and I learned how to study more efficiently and how to retain information. The lab training was another great help; it wasn't always easy learning something you've never done before. It can feel overwhelming at times but with each day you grow more and more.

The clinical internship is where you really learn, that is where the real work started and it felt like a real job. I was fortunate to have a pretty good experience at my site and I learned exactly what it takes to have a well-oiled, functional operating room. I will never forget all that the doctors, surgeons, OR nurses, surgical techs, anesthesia techs, physician assistants, representatives, etc. taught me. Going to school whilst in a worldwide pandemic was not an easy feat. But all of us ST students made it together, and the journey led to me accomplishing my goal of becoming a CST. 

Success after Graduation

Before I graduated I wanted to immediately find a job so I applied to a couple hospitals and I never would have thought that I would get two! I didn't want to wait until graduation, so being proactive and wanting to start my experience as soon as possible, I stayed in constant contact with the hospitals I applied to. With the assistance of Justine Kimler, the Director of Student Services, I was able to become employed as a Labor and Delivery Surgical Tech at Richmond University Medical Center and JFK Medical Center.

I've always wanted to go specifically into the OBGYN specialty because my future goal, which I've had for as long as I can remember, is to be an OBGYN doctor. I plan to continue gaining experience in the surgical field as a CST and go to school to become a Physician Assistant specializing in surgery and obstetrics. From there I will see what it takes to become a medical doctor and learn how to be the best one I can be. I will go to medical school and after many years of hard work, and no sleep, become Dr. Nweme.

Name: Christina Nweme
Program: Surgical Technologist
Graduation Date: February 2022