Graduate Spotlight

Brian Overeem

Background and Experience at AIMS

I have been in the medical field for my entire adult life. I had the opportunity to be an EMT and then work as a personal care aid. I loved both jobs and knew the medical field was my niche. I truly enjoy helping people and most importantly making people feel heard and important as they go through their medical journeys. With a side of laughter of course! 

I wish I had known about AIMS 10 years ago. Getting any of the certificates that the school offered would have made the world of difference. From start to finish my experience has been nothing but pleasant. The staff are supportive and the internships that we are placed in play to our successes in school.

Success after Graduation

I was very luck after school to find a job that supports me. I am working in the endoscopy technician field that I love. At the same time I am working towards obtaining a sterile processing internship. I've also passed the Certified Endoscope Reprocessor exam to earn my CER certification. The future is bright for me and the doors that have opened. I look forward to continuing my SPT and Endo career and learning new skills within my profession.

Name: Brian Overeem
Program: Endoscopy Technician
Graduation Date: March 2021