Graduate Spotlight

Betty Mesrobian

Background and Experience at AIMS

Betty decided to join the healthcare field because she wanted to follow the footsteps of the women in her life. Her mom and two sisters all work in healthcare. She also wanted a career that allowed her to make a difference in someone’s life.

She started her healthcare journey in the Medical Assistant program at AIMS with the hope of eventually joining the Diagnostic Medical Soography program. However, her experience during an MRI procedure changed her career path.

After graduating from the Medical Assistant program, Betty was accepted into the MRI Technologist program. She had a great experience at AIMS and is grateful for the education and training she received from her instructors, Ron and Sheetal.

“Sheetal’s passion for the MRI field helped me become more than just a tech. She trained me to be the best of the best and to be safe while helping my patients. Her lessons and words are carried and practiced through me every single day I go to work.”

Betty’s internship at Newark Beth Israel Hospital was extremely rewarding as well. She experienced difficult patients, delightful patients, sedated patients, and patients with altered mental states. She was able to perform at her best thanks to everything she learned from her AIMS instructors and her internship site preceptor.

Success after Graduation

Shortly after graduating from the MRI program, Betty passed the ARMRIT and ARRT certification exams. Within a week of passing the exams, she had an interview and was hired on the spot as a full-time MRI technologist at Kayal Orthopaedic Center in Franklin Lakes. Her goal is to keep working as an MRI technologist, and to continue helping patients while practicing all the lessons she learned from Ron and Sheetal.

Name: Betty Mesrobian
Program: MRI Technologist
Graduation Date: March 2019