Graduate Spotlight

Angelica Spano

Why I Changed Careers

When I first went to college at the age of 18, I knew I wanted to be in the medical field. However, at the time I had a part-time job in fashion retail which I eventually took up as a full-time profession upon graduation. When I got into my mid 20s, I realized fashion retail wasn’t the life for me anymore and decided to switch gears again. Being the eldest of four siblings, caretaking had always come naturally to me. I knew I had to try out the medical field again. I came across AIMS and although they did not have a nursing program, they had a Medical Assistant program that I felt suited me perfectly. I met with the admissions team at AIMS and told them what I had in mind for myself. They were able to lead me to the best decision of my career.

My Passion for Healthcare

I have experienced a lot of health issues in my family. My mother has Polycystic Kidney Disease which cannot be treated. I recently found that I am a kidney match for her and I am elated that I’ll be able to give her the gift of life! I’ve always pictured myself helping patients the same way my mother was helped by medical assistants and physicians.

Name: Angelica Spano
Program: Medical Assistant
Graduation Date: July 2018