Graduate Spotlight

Andrea Rodriguez

Background and Experience at AIMS

After completing my undergraduate degree, I knew I always wanted to pursue a field in healthcare. When the pandemic hit, I was working in an outpatient physical therapy clinic studying occupational therapy. I quickly realized this was not the field for me, so I began researching different medical professions. I stumbled across ultrasound and quickly fell in love with the field because it combined two of my passions: medicine and tech.

When I began studying at AIMS, I was a little weary after learning I would have to study intense topics such as physics and hemodynamics. However, I immediately (shockingly) fell in love with the theory and applications behind just how ultrasound works. Through lectures and internship, I learned of specialties such as vascular and MSK - and quickly found out how extensive our field was.

Success after Graduation

Opportunities can present themselves if you just work hard enough and apply yourself. Through the guidance and trust of my advisors at AIMS, I had the opportunity to be placed in New York Presbyterian in NYC and was hired upon completion of my internship. The preparedness and confidence I gained through AIMS allowed me to effortlessly transition from student to registered sonographer. I hope to complete my three specialty exams (AB, OB/GYN, and RVT) within my first year of working.

Name: Andrea Rodriguez
Program: Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Graduation Date: April 2023