Statement on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The American Institute of Medical Sciences & Education (AIMS) fosters an inclusive environment where our students, staff, and faculty - of all backgrounds and experiences - can work, learn and serve. We value diversity, equity and inclusion and promote a culture that establishes a sense of belonging for all. As conscientious citizens, in a multicultural world, it is our goal to ensure that each graduate enters the workforce educated with a mindful approach to human dignity. We create an environment that empowers our faculty and staff with the tools necessary for developing enlightened and globally minded healthcare professionals. We also embolden them to flourish personally and professionally.

We commit to collaboratively and purposefully implementing policies and practices that address barriers and facilitate a welcoming environment -- where every member of our campus community, as well as our constituents and allies, feel valued and appreciated. We further commit to creating a "safe-space" that embraces and celebrates our commonalities and differences. As a multifaceted institution comprised of individuals representing a myriad of ethnicities, religions and beliefs, ages, perspectives, and journeys - diversity, equity and inclusion are our building blocks for success.