What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Healthcare Career Choice

January 21, 2016

What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Healthcare Career Choice

Do you believe that your zodiac sign can affect your personality, health, relationships and career choice? For someone working in the medical and healthcare field, this may sound a little bit crazy.

Some people check their horoscope out of curiosity, while others truly believe in the power of the stars. Whether you rely on proven facts or feel more open-minded about the supernatural, you'll be amazed at what your date of birth says about your career options.

Some studies have found evidence that the month of your birth correlates to how prone you may be to developing certain diseases. The season that you were born in can also determine your overall demeanor or moods. If you regularly work with patients, you may have observed these connections yourself.

Less popular theories (and many unproven ones) suggest that people who were born in the same month share similar personality traits. Based on these traits, you can make predictions on which careers you'll be best suited to.


We've summarized our findings here from our research on career compatibility and zodiac signs. However, we can't guarantee the accuracy and truthfulness of any of the statements below. This article is for entertainment only and is not being given as career advice.

But we know you're still curious what the best job is for a Leo or Pisces. Keep reading to find out what makes your sign unique and which careers are best suited for your sign.

ARIES (March 21st – April 19th)

Arians are natural born healthcare leaders

Arians are strong-willed, enthusiastic, extroverted and outspoken. If you're an Aries, you're likely very determined and competitive in both your personal and professional life.

Most Arians are notorious for their high confidence and strong characters. It's important to them to be the best in what they do. They want to establish their place in the world.

Apart from being extremely ambitious, Aries prefers an active and dynamic lifestyle full of adventures and new challenges.

Professional Traits and Characteristics:

  • Confidence: You don't mind being the center of attention and have no problem standing your ground

  • Fearlessness: Your courage and brave heart know no fear

  • Entrepreneurial spirit: Your strong will and passion are key to growing and expanding your ideas

  • Natural-born leader: You are well-suited to managerial positions

  • Ambition: With your passion, you can easily move up the ranks

Medical and Healthcare Career Opportunities

Many areas of medicine can be a great choice for you – as long as you get a piece of the action. Working in the ER, or becoming a nurse or surgeon, will give you the thrill and challenge you seek. However, working as a medical assistant can also be exciting for you.

Famous Arians

Lady Gaga, Kofi Annan, Leonardo Da Vinci, Emma Watson, Eddie Murphy, Thomas Jefferson, Robert Downey Jr.

TAURUS (April 20th – May 20th)

Positions in the healthcare administration are perfect for the Taurus

Your zodiac sign suggests that you're very methodical and practical, and love to plan. When it comes to teamwork, Taureans are very honest, reliable and dependable.

If you're a Taurus, you need security and stability in life and aren't much of a risk-taker. However, Taurus' supreme dedication and patience more than make up for that. Taureans achieve their goals through hard work and dedication.

Professional Traits and Characteristics:

  • A knack for numbers: Finance and accounting are areas where your sign truly shines

  • Strategic planning: Crafting an elaborate strategy is something that comes naturally to a Taurus

  • Practical thinking: As a Taurus, you'll probably rely more on your practical side than your artistic side

  • Dedication: With your determination and patience, you excel in solving complicated cases or proving your point

  • Team player: As a healthcare professional, you'll be happy working as a part of a team or in an administrative position

Medical and Healthcare Career Opportunities

As a natural team player, you'll feel happy working as nurse, nursing assistant, or dental assistant / hygienist. Working in healthcare administration is another option; for example, you might become a medical billing and coding specialist or health information technician.

Famous Taureans

Jet Li, George Clooney, Malcolm X, William Shakespeare, Janet Jackson, Mark Zuckerberg.

GEMINI (May 21st – June 20th)

The Gemini love exploring the world

If you're a Gemini, you're intelligent, curious and energetic. At times, Gemini can be mischievous and two-faced. But that trait makes them very versatile and adaptive. They tend to like fast-paced, high-pressure environments.

Out of all of the zodiac signs, Gemini is probably the most social and talkative. Since you probably get bored quite fast, you need to be stimulated in different ways throughout the day. Gemini love adventure and are always looking for new experiences. You're also likely to be very caring and are kind by nature.

Professional Traits and Characteristics:

  • Adventurous spirit: Any job that lets you explore new ideas will naturally appeal to you

  • Vigorous:  With your energy and determination, you can move mountains

  • Adaptable: You can pick up a new skill or adjust to a new environment in no time

  • Adrenaline junkie: Constantly seeking extra thrill and adventure

  • Social butterfly: Socially dynamic and highly charismatic

Medical and Healthcare Career Opportunities

Gemini are best suited to fast-paced environments like busy hospitals. You can enjoy your busy shifts as a doctor or a nurse. Caring for patients, whether they're elderly people or children, is also an option for you. Diagnostic medical sonography and MRI may be also appealing to you, due to your inborn curiosity and predilection for unusual jobs.

Famous Gemini

Angelina Jolie, Walt Whitman, Kayne West, Johnny Depp, John F. Kenedy, Marilyn Monroe

CANCER (June 21st – July 22nd)

The Cancer is wise as an owl

People born under the Cancer sign are very kind-hearted. They tend to be very protective and caring, but their personality is usually balanced. Family and friends are very important to them.

Another one of their distinct characteristics is their vivid imagination. Cancerians are normally typical extroverts, very energetic and outgoing. A Cancer also loves being surrounded by other people and socializing. Most Cancerians make excellent executives and handle responsibility with ease.

Professional Traits and Characteristics:

  • Fairness: You don't succumb to bias and try to be objective

  • Wisdom: You can offer sound counsel and help solve personal issues

  • Compassion: Cancerians love to help people in need

  • Reliable: People can count on you

  • Easy to get along with: You can instantly turn strangers into friends

Medical and Healthcare Career Opportunities

You'll typically feel most comfortable in jobs working directly with patients. You should consider becoming a physician, physical therapist, family practitioner or a nursing assistant. You'll find clinical duties far more interesting than healthcare administration.

Famous Cancerians

Nelson Mandela, Harrison Ford, John D. Rockefeller, Lionel Messi, Meryl Streep, Sylvester Stallone

LEO (July 23rd – August 22nd)

If you're a Leo, you're a born leader, independent, highly charismatic and confident. Leos thrive in positions of power. They can be a bit bossy at times, but they are also very  persuasive.

Most Leos are goal-oriented and competitive. Combined with a gregarious personality and a good sense of humor, this makes every Leo a very likable person.

Professional Traits and Characteristics:

  • Leadership: As a Leo, you're one of the few zodiac signs suited for the top positions of power

  • Methodical: You plan and execute without wasting any time in idle talk

  • Charismatic: People love you for your beaming personality

  • Authoritative: Exerting power comes naturally to a Leo

  • Resourcefulness: You have the right determination and persistence to get the job done

Medical and Healthcare Career Opportunities

Healthcare management and other managerial positions in the medical field are perfect for you. Working as a doctor or a dentist are other options you'll find very interesting and rewarding. Job titles with "assistant" in them are ones you'd rather avoid.

Famous Leos

Coco Chanel, Barack Obama, Sandra Bullock, Usain Bolt, Madonna, Steve Carell, Antonio Banderas.

VIRGO (August 23rd – September 22nd)

Virgos are perfectionists by nature and tend to be detail-oriented and hard-working. If you're a Virgo, you're probably also a very passionate person, full of cheerfulness, liveliness and positive energy.

Apart from being organized, Virgos are also very helpful. However, they require stability to feel comfortable in an environment and don't like being hit with curve balls. Another interesting trait many Virgos have is an ability to pick up languages quickly.

Professional Traits and Characteristics:

  • Poised: You have no problem organizing your thoughts

  • Perfectionist: Everything has to be completed and arranged in just the right way

  • Talent for languages: Though this isn't true of every Virgo, if you're like many, learning a new language is a piece of cake for you

  • Mature: Since you're naturally witty and intelligent, this makes you a great teacher

  • Attention to detail: Nothing ever goes unnoticed by you, big or small

Medical and Healthcare Career Opportunities

Working as a medical researcher may be the best type of healthcare job for you. Some other jobs you would be well-suited to include phlebotomy technician and clinical laboratory technician. Pharmacy is also a good choice for Virgos.

Famous Virgos

Kobe Bryant, Beyoncé, Charlie Sheen, Sean Connery, Colin Firth, Mother Teresa, George R. R. Martin

LIBRA (September 23rd – October 22nd)

Libras are know for being diplomatic and have a highly cooperative nature that makes them great ambassadors. They love connecting with all kinds of people and socializing on a deep level.

If you're like most Libras, you love excitement and exploring new things. Libras are always eager to try something new. Their level of enthusiasm is hardly matched by any of the other zodiac signs.

Professional Traits and Characteristics:

  • Decision-maker: You don't back away from responsibility

  • Tolerant: People around you always get a chance to show their strengths

  • Diplomatic: You provide the social glue that holds teams together

  • Problem-solver: You'll be better off in a managerial position, where you have the authority to solve any problems that may arise

  • Mediator: Others can make a good use of your cooperative nature

Medical and Healthcare Career Opportunities

Two of the most suitable healthcare fields for you are genetic counseling and embryology. Libras will also make good physician assistants and physical or occupational therapists.

Famous Libras

Usher, Hugh Jackman, Serena Williams, Vladimir Putin, Anne Rice, Margaret Thatcher.

SCORPIO (October 23rd – November 21st)

One of the most resourceful and intuitive zodiac signs. Scorpios are not only smart and analytical, but also highly motivated and hard-working. One of their key traits is their great focus and ability to block out distractions.

Scorpios are very curious and are naturally drawn to mysteries and abnormalities. If you're a Scorpio, you're likely constantly scanning your environment and trying to figure out what makes things tick.

Professional Traits and Characteristics:

  • Insightful: You're naturally intuitive

  • Enthusiastic:  Complex and difficult tasks get you excited

  • Science lover: Scorpios need to figure out what makes the universe work

  • Alert: You're the first one to notice a problem and take action

  • Complex thinking: Your focus, control and great imagination will help you solve any difficult problem

Medical and Healthcare Career Opportunities

When it comes to medicine, surgeon is your best choice of career path. However, your second choice should be working as a general practitioner. Diagnosing patients will feel like a fun game for you. Another interesting profession you're likely to enjoy is speech and language pathology.

Famous Scorpios

Julia Roberts, Bill Gates, Emma Stone, Whoopi Goldberg, Leonardo Dicaprio, Anne Hathaway, Hilary Clinton.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22nd – December 21st)

Often very spiritual people, Sagittarians are also renowned for being honest, ethical and having big hearts. Most people born this time of the year have unshakable belief systems and positive attitudes.

If you're a Sagittarius, you also love traveling and have a constant need to explore. This is why you may enjoy being outdoors and going hiking. Remaining stationary or doing monotonous activities is difficult for you.

Professional Traits and Characteristics:

  • Socially adept: Your positive attitude and high energy come in handy when connecting with other people

  • Animal lover: Most Sagittarians love all things living

  • Communication skills: You love books, reading, writing, or just sharing information

  • Adventurous: It's no secret that you love traveling and new experiences

  • Spiritual: You can use your spirituality to further fuel your optimism

Medical and Healthcare Career Opportunities

Almost all Sagittarians have a deep affinity for all living things, so you could consider becoming a veterinarian, animal caretaker or veterinary technologist. If you'd like to focus more on natural and healthy lifestyles, you can become a dietitian or nutritionist. However, if you feel more adventurous, you might consider becoming a healthcare job in a foreign country after completing medical school.

Famous Sagittarians

Winston Churchill, Brad Pitt, Walt Disney, Julianne Moore, Bruce Lee, Bill Nye, Jane Austen, Tyra Banks.

CAPRICORN (December 22nd – January 19th)

Capricorns are dependable, responsible and organized. They also tend to be workaholics. Persistence and dogmatism help them climb to positions of power, as they enjoy being in charge. Power is very central to the identity of a Capricorn.

If you're a Capricorn, you are logical and analytical. People born under this sign love challenges. If they're leading a team and trying to meet a goal, Capricorns run a tight ship. They'll enforce rules and keep everyone on schedule.

Professional Traits and Characteristics:

  • Tech savvy: Coding and data management should come easily to you

  • Directed: You don't stray from your path, regardless of the obstacles you face

  • Analytical thinking: Capricorns can solve problems quickly and effectively

  • Hardworking: Being organized and focused helps you get the job done in no time

  • Methodical: You achieve your goals one step at a time

Medical and Healthcare Career Opportunities

Managerial positions, especially in healthcare administration and upper-level management, provide the highest satisfaction for your sign. Medical research is another area where you'll thrive. Occupations in the fields of radiology, sonography and MRI are also good choices.

Famous Capricorns

Martin Luther King Jr., Marilyn Manson, Elvis Presley, Muhammad Ali, Stephen Hawking, Mel Gibson.

AQUARIUS (January 20th – February 18th)

Those born under the sign of Aquarius are known to be original thinkers and visionaries. They are often unconventional characters with a variety of diverse skills, curious and adventurous by nature.

Another quality that sets Aquarians apart is their humanitarian nature. They tend to be kind and protective. If you're an Aquarius, you probably need a lot of freedom of thought and movement.

Professional Traits and Characteristics:

  • Humanitarian nature: People and their well-being is a top priority for you

  • Insightful: You're highly perceptive and can evaluate every situation quickly

  • Innovative: It's easy for you to realize your wildest dreams and create something new and never-before-seen

  • Exploration: Discovery and adventure appeal to you on a very deep level

  • Artistic: You can showcase your humanitarian vision through acting, dancing or painting

Medical and Healthcare Career Opportunities

There is a wide range of medical and healthcare positions that may appeal to you. You can choose the field of medical research or work directly to improve the quality of human lives. Some of the career paths you might choose include biochemistry, biomedical engineering, nurse practitioner, substance abuse counseling and others.

Famous Aquarians

John Travolta, Charles Darwin, Mozart, Rosa Parks, Abraham Lincoln, Oprah Winfrey, Christian Bale, Yoko Ono.

PISCES (February 19th – March 20th)

Pisces are renowned for their kind and selfless nature. They are generous, warm, caring and sensitive. Compassion and versatility are other characteristics they exhibit.

If you're born under this sign, you're probably very artistic, imaginative and creative. Many Pisceans are known to be deeply spiritual and highly intuitive. You probably also love the arts and may have some hidden talents that you haven't explored yet.

Professional Traits and Characteristics:

  • Nurturing: Caring for patients is especially appealing to Pisces

  • Sophisticated: Your knowledge expands to many different areas

  • Philanthropy: You'll feel free to exhibit your generosity and compassion

  • Animal lover: Caring for all living things is one of your virtues

  • Empathetic: Understanding others and offering advice is something you really enjoy

Medical and Healthcare Career Opportunities

You're a perfect candidate for jobs in healthcare. You can become a registered nurse, physician therapist or personal care aide. Any job that lets you connect with your patients is a good fit for you.

Famous Pisceans

Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Rihanna, George Washington, Eva Longolia

Now that you know which careers would be a good fit for you, which of them will help you realize your dreams financially? To learn more about the top allied health careers in demand, check out the 14 Top-Paying Allied Health Careers.