8 Hilarious Medical Pranks and Jokes

October 1, 2015

Are you looking for an original medical prank idea to create some fun at work? Maybe you've already been pranked and want to get back at the original prankster?
This is a slightly more professional execution of the classic wet willy. It's easy to get your hands on some surgical lube in a hospital environment. All you need to do is catch your victim unaware and put some lubricant on their stethoscope earpieces. This medical joke is completely harmless, as long as you use regular water-based lube.

This prank is for the managers, or others in a position of authority in their department. Let’s say your team needs to take a drug test. After this is done, choose someone particularly gullible.
This is a classic prank, and it’s also one of the simplest and most harmless jokes you can pull off. All you need is some apple juice, specimen cups, and some unsuspecting victims. You can easily prank doctors and nurses alike. Or you can simply put on a show for patients.
Whether you’re working at the morgue or you just happen to deal with dead bodies, you’ve probably thought about this one already. Have someone lie down and pretend to be dead. Then send a student or a rookie to clean the body.
Do you know which nurse is responsible for collecting the fluid bags? You can easily make their shift a whole lot more interesting. Get an empty fluid bag, fill it with water and drop a fish or two inside – as long as you don't leave them too long, it's totally safe for the fish. It’s a good idea to choose a bag that is covered on one side. This way you can only see its contents when you flip it over... or when you’re trying to detach it from its original position.
Looking for some twisted medical humor? Try these medical pranks. But be warned, some of them can get people really angry and even get you in trouble. So use them at your own risk. Of course, if it happens to be April Fool’s Day, then you’ll be easily forgiven.

If you work in pediatrics, you’ll surely see the funny side of this joke. After a routine check-up, bring the wrong baby back to the parents. The look on their faces will be priceless.
This is one of those jokes you only can get away with on April Fool’s Day. The idea is to make your patients feel really, really uncomfortable. If you’re a gynecologist, urologist or simply perform physical check-ups, this prank is ideal for you.
New person on the team? Are they young, fresh out of med school, and eager to learn? You can definitely play around with the newbie's enthusiasm. The first part of the joke is to make them feel welcomed and accepted. Then let them know they have a special task to check in on a sleeping patient.

8 Hilarious Medical Pranks and Jokes

dangerismycat / Flickr / CC BY-NC-ND

From easy-to-execute harmless jokes to elaborate pranks for experienced medical professionals, we have you covered. Read on to discover some of the most hilarious pranks and jokes you can pull off in a hospital environment.

1. Looking For a Quick Prank Idea? Surgical Lube is Your Best Friend

You could also get creative and prank an administrative or medical assistant by putting some lube on their telephone receiver. Call the office phone and watch the assistant freak out and drop the phone on the floor. A quick tip: apply lube only to the earpiece, so that they don’t feel it when they first pick up the phone.

2. Simple Tips to Improve the “You’re Pregnant!” Prank

“You’re Pregnant!”

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Call the person to your office using the classic “we need to talk.” Don’t ask for the meeting right away: allow some time for the anticipation to build up.

Do your homework, as family planning can be a very sensitive topic for many people. Pick someone who you know can take a joke. Or take the joke to the next level and pick an unlikely culprit: a man, someone approaching retirement age, or someone who's just returned from maternity leave.

Once you’re in your office, explain in a serious tone that the drug test tested positive for something else: pregnancy. Take a dramatic pause, and break the news – you're pregnant! You could act disappointed that a valuable member of the team will be going on leave, or pretend to be happy for them.

3. This is Why Some People Don't Drink Apple Juice

During a screening, replace some of the urine samples with apple juice. Then you can explain to your victim that you’re going to check for any abnormalities. Proceed by taking a sip of one of the fake samples. Keep your cool and appear very professional and focused. Chances are, people will be so shocked, they won’t even know how to react.

4. People Who Don't Like Zombie Movies Will Absolutely Hate This Prank

Make it look real. You can cover the “dead” person’s arms with ice bags to make them feel cold to touch. Or you can use some make-up or even fake blood. If some of the lights in the room “happen” to be out of order – even better. When the unfortunate recipient of your prank starts cleaning the body, it will suddenly come back to life.

Here’s what we have in mind:

5. One Cool Prank You Can Do With a Fluid Bag

When it’s time for the nurse to start collecting the fluid bags, swap your bag with one of the regular bags. When your victim flips the bag around, they’ll be in for an interesting surprise. Who knows, they may even decide to keep the fish as a pet. (Toy fish could work just as well.)

April Fool’s Medical Pranks:

6. The Wrong Baby

The Wrong Baby


This one can work especially well if you choose a baby that is obviously not theirs – a boy instead of a girl, or a baby of a different race. This is a prank you should only do if you know the couple very well. Otherwise you may be putting your job at risk. Tread lightly.

7. Here's How to Make Your Patients Feel Really Self-Conscious

After you've finished performing an exam, act like something is amiss. Hem and haw as you're cleaning up. While you have your back to the patient, wash your hands for a very long time, perhaps muttering "ugh" to yourself.

Stain your fingers or a paper towel with food coloring (green or blue makes a great choice), or wipe off a foreign object you've "found" during the exam: a plastic (or why not even real) frog or insect. Then turn your body so that the patient can see the problem: something's been a bit "off" with their body chemistry lately.

Be warned, making your patients uncomfortable like this can stir some negative emotions. So it’s not exactly your everyday joke. Proceed at your own risk.

8. Find a Special “Patient” for the Newbie

Send them to a bed in a dark vacant room that you've prepared for the "patient": a blow-up doll dressed in pajamas, covered up by sheets and anchored at the feet. If the newbie says the patient is sleeping, ask how they could be so oblivious as to not wake her up. When the newbie returns, after a little tap on the patient's shoulder yields no response, they will pull back the blankets – and wham, the "patient" will pop up and bat the newbie in the face.

Reserve this prank for the rookies – you'll want the senior staff as an audience to watch as the newbie jumps or screams.

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