Happy National Hospital Week From AIMS Education

May 16, 2013

For people who are not working within the healthcare field, hospitals are one of the places we would like to avoid. Nobody ends up in a hospital bed for a good reason. But these institutions are more than just places to heal the sick. They are communities that nurture health, comfort the sick and welcome new life to the world. And for those who work there, hospitals are their second home - a place where devotion, kindness, care and compassion can be seen, heard and felt even beyond the confines of the healthcare center.

So it comes as no surprise that the incredible work of physicians, nurses, allied healthcare professionals and other hospital personnel should be celebrated at least once a year. Or, maybe, an entire week every year.

The concept of National Hospital Week dates back to 1921. The purpose of this annual celebration is to honor the history, technology and the dedicated professionals who make healthcare facilities comforting homes of care and confidence. And, each year, America's hospitals and healthcare systems are ready to celebrate National Hospital Week and remind society of the essential and important role of all men and women working within the healthcare industry.

This year, healthcare's largest event will be celebrated the week of May 12th through May 18th. And hospitals around the United States are looking forward to honoring their employees. For example, Jersey City Medical Center will be recognizing their employees during this week for their patient-focused and devoted work. Dr. Kenneth Garay, LibertyHealth’s Chief Medical Officer said:

"Success just doesn't happen without a group of people all pulling together for a common goal. In our case, it’s about enhancing life by providing our patients and their families with the best possible medical care and showing them that ‘we care.’ ”

Over at Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, the Evangelical Community Hospital will be offering special meal items in the dining room throughout the entire week and will be holding several events in recognition of the hospital's accomplishments and its employees.

One of the nation's largest healthcare events will be celebrated throughout the entire week at Nathan Littauer Hospital, NY. Laurence E. Kelly, Littauer‘s President and CEO stated: “National Hospital Week, first and foremost, is a celebration of people. We’re extremely proud of each member of our staff and we recognize the important role they play in extending a sense of trust to our patients and our communities.” The celebration will involve various activities throughout the week, including a BBQ gathering, gifts and Zumba.

National Hospital Week is an ideal opportunity for hospital administrators throughout the country to show their appreciation for all the medical and healthcare professionals working within their facilities. And if you're looking for a way to celebrate this year's National Hospital Week, here are some suggestions.

Hosting a staff reception is a popular way to celebrate collective accomplishments. The event is easy to plan and manage and it can be held on-site. Receptions are the ideal way to acknowledge all staff members as a whole. In addition to the standard refreshments, you can also consider having prizes and giveaways.

Giving out promotional items is another way to recognize all of your employees and staff members. You can build awareness about National Hospital Week by purchasing and handing out customized items such as mugs, pens and other promotional materials. These gifts can make a year-long statement about the importance of hospitals in our lives and can be given to both staff and patients.

Handing out gift cards to staff is a small but lovely gesture towards hospital workers and will show them how much their work and commitment is valued.

Organizing various after-work events is another way to make medical and healthcare professionals feel valued and appreciated throughout this week-long celebration. Various activities can also be organized beyond the hospital walls to honor hospital employees and show them the appreciation they deserve.