Famous Startups in the Healthcare Field: Part II

March 17, 2014

Many people choose to stay active by running.
Kyle Cassidy / wikimedia / CC BY-SA 3.0 

Venture capitalists concern themselves with products and ideas that shape the future, bringing us tomorrow's world today. It's the intersection of entrepreneurship, engineering, and innovation. While we're accustomed to seeing startups that change everything from how we do business to how we play games on our phones, startup companies that address health and healthcare are slightly less common.

Entrepreneurs and investors tend to focus less on health because, as an industry, healthcare is seen as too risky or averse to change. Despite this, there are thinkers and innovators who are getting behind new ideas and helping them find traction. As we've seen before, health startups bring hope and excitement to many. These innovative companies will impact how we eat, exercise, interact with our medical professionals, and even how we care for our children.

Cody Encourages you to Stay Active...and Social

Cody App - TechCrunch.com 

Cody is a new service that focuses not only on intense routine logging, the MO of most other popular workout apps, but also on social sharing and storytelling for fitness enthusiasts. Through social integration, Cody also focuses on group fitness. Their feed, reminiscent of Twitter or Instagram, keeps their service unique and appealing.

Maximizing Efficiency: drchrono

Doctors work under busy conditions and follow complex schedules each day. The drchrono app for iPads, iPhones, Android devices and laptops, helps doctors streamline their electronic medical record keeping. Using speech-to-text, doctors maintain records, add video or photos, and bill U.S. insurance companies. Over 15,000 healthcare providers have used the app.

Soylent: All of Your Nutritional Needs in one Drink

What if finding quality, nutritious food didn't have to be a hassle ever again? That's the question that Bob Rhinehart asked as he set out to perfect Soylent, a type of complete liquid food that provides the nutrition that a healthy body needs.

Active Adventure Video Games to Keep Kids (and adults) Fit: Winds of Orbis

Winds of Orbis is an exergame, an “active adventure” game whose goal is to bring healthy movement to video gamers. Challenging the stagnant lifestyle that many video game fanatics lead, the development team of Winds of Orbis are hoping to make a proactive impact on health. It's developed for the Wii video game system, but products that are developed in the future could be supported by any of the major gaming systems that include movement. 

Dance Dance Revolution is also often considered an exergame
Stéfan Le Dû / wikimedia / CC BY-SA 2.0 

Your Therapist. Your Couch. iCouch.

If you can conduct an interview over the web, why not a therapy session? iCouch connects patients to therapists remotely, using your device's built-in camera. There are a number of reasons why a patient might prefer iCouch to a traditional therapy session; for travelers, people who live in remote locations, people who experience anxiety over traditional therapy settings, people with busy schedules, as well as many others, meeting with a therapist remotely is a great option. Their database of certified professionals covers a considerable range of needs.