Endoscopy Technician Skills Checklist

Reviewed by AIMS Education Staff  

December 17, 2020


The allied healthcare field offers many paths for those seeking a fulfilling, hands-on career in medicine. Pursuing endoscopy (gastrointestinal) technician training is an attractive way to get into the healthcare field without years of medical school.

As an endoscopy tech, having the right set of skills will enable you to accurately and efficiently work with other medical professionals and provide the most comprehensive support to patients. Read on to discover the skills that make gastrointestinal (GI) technicians wonderful healthcare professionals.

1. Endoscopy Technicians Give Great Patient Care

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Preparing the endoscopic room before a procedure is a major part of the endoscopy technician job description. GI techs, however, may also be present during procedures, assist the doctors and nurses, and complete the patient intake process. The ability to communicate effectively is presumably the most important skill for giving great patient care and ensuring each procedure runs smoothly for everyone involved.  

One of the main things to know before becoming a GI tech is that it can be emotionally challenging at times. Keeping your emotions in check and engaging patients with open, unbiased communication is another essential part of providing good care. In turn, this can empower patients to express their feelings and concerns related to the procedure and their overall healthcare. 

2. Endoscopy Techs Have Attention to Detail

Even in the most hectic environment, a good technician is aware of the finer details to ensure safety, proper care, and adequate sterilization of the medical instruments and equipment used during endoscopic procedures. 

As they often prepare patients for their procedures, great endoscopy techs pay extra attention to working diligently and making sure that they don’t make an error or skip an important step. 

3. The Endoscopy Technician Training Is for Active Learners

Being a lifelong learner is a highly valued skill in the healthcare industry. As an endoscopy tech, active learning can help you keep your knowledge current, but also acquire new skills. 

Many endoscopy school training programs allow aspiring GI technical specialists to learn all the necessary professional skills through a blend of in-class instructions and clinical practice. Solid endoscopy technician training will further encourage students to take a proactive part in the learning process by engaging actively, receiving feedback, and adapting to various learning challenges.

4. Endoscopy Technicians Are Tech Savvy

The development of more advanced equipment and tools in the healthcare sector requires skilled professionals to operate them. Due to the nature of their responsibilities, it comes as no surprise that endoscopy technicians today are expected to be tech experts in the workplace. 

Following a formal endoscopy tech training program equips students with the confidence and skills needed to cope with the demands of modern technology and deliver better patient care day in and day out. 

5. Endoscopy Techs Are Great Team Players

Endoscopy techs work alongside doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. The ability to work well with others is therefore absolutely crucial. 

A good endo technician is a team player, who is focused on attending to their workload, but also realizes that they are part of a team and are ready to do whatever is needed to carry out the required tasks. Attending endoscopy technician school can provide a solid foundation and understanding of how to effectively collaborate with others. 

6. GI Techs Are Curious About Endoscopy Technology Advancements

Medical technology is advancing rapidly, offering patients cutting-edge diagnostic equipment, treatments, and procedures. From health record digitalization to fewer people in waiting rooms, the impact of technology on healthcare is hard to ignore. 

A great endoscopy tech has a genuine interest in keeping up with these advancements and learning new things. In fact, for many, one of the reasons to pursue a GI tech career is that you’ll be encouraged to attend extra training sessions to boost your skills and expand your capabilities.

7. Endoscopy Technician Certification Shows Their Professionalism

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Whether it’s meeting with patients or maintaining complex equipment, endoscopy techs need to be professional in their approach towards their work. The most respected technicians in this field are the ones who have earned their certification.

Completing endoscopy tech training provides aspiring healthcare professionals with the opportunity to apply for the CER credential. While a certification may not be required to find work in your state, obtaining certification shows your professionalism and commitment. Not only that, being a trained and certified GI technician can also significantly help move your career upwards. Additional allied healthcare certification benefits include standing out from the crowd when applying for jobs and sometimes even receiving a higher income. 

8. Travel Endoscopy Techs Are Agile Workers

Travel endoscopy techs are agile healthcare professionals who strive to deliver good patient care in more efficient ways. As travel GI technicians often do not have an ‘assigned seat’ in a hospital, they need to be able to successfully balance their professional skills with the ability to quickly address emerging challenges.

The majority of endoscopy techs are employed by hospitals and clinics, earning an average salary of $38,460. The job market for these allied health professionals is expected to grow by approximately 5-7%, with states such as New Jersey anticipated to see even more growth. With promising job outlooks and short training programs, NJ offers endoscopy techs exciting career opportunities and great prospective salaries.

How to Become an Endoscopy Technician

Choosing to become an endoscopy technician is a commitment, but it is also hugely rewarding. Using your skills and personal attributes to make a difference in the lives of others is key for ensuring long-term success and fulfillment during your healthcare career.

Ready to make a difference? Learn how to become an endoscopy tech and kickstart your career in allied healthcare today!