10 Amazing Christmas Gifts Under $30 for Healthcare Professionals

December 11, 2015

Tis the season for gift giving. You’ve made your list and you’ve checked it twice, but what are you getting the excellent healthcare professional in your life? Every holiday season, we strive to give thoughtful, memorable Christmas gifts to our friends and family.

Whether you're a healthcare worker buying gifts for your friends and colleagues, or showing your appreciation for a health provider who's helped you or a family member in the past, buying gifts for medical professionals can be difficult – but it doesn't have to be with so many ideas to choose from. You can buy it or make it, but your Christmas gifts should always come from the heart.

It’s no secret that we all appreciate healthcare workers. This guide will give you ideas for even the pickiest healthcare professional in your life.

1. This Gift Will Really Bug You

 Give the gift of Bird Flu or Flesh-Eating Bacteria. Giant Microbes are cute plushies that look like a variety of bacteria, viruses and common microbes. These plushies are a unique gift to make anyone smile. Radiology techs will appreciate a bone cell plush toy, while a dental hygienist would laugh at a bad breath toy. These plushies are the way to go if you’d like to give a funny and memorable gift.

2. They Won’t Have Hangups with Things to Hang Up

Not sure what to get a friend who works in medicine? There is no end to the creative, charming and thoughtful decorations you can find. Whether you’re buying for a doctor or a phlebotomist, there’s probably an ornament just right for the job. Get a personalized scrub top ornament or choose from a variety of adorable images and sayings that are sure to bring a smile to a loved one’s face.

3. Say It With Chocolate

Chocolate has been a time-honored way to tell someone they’re important to you. Mix humor and a treat by giving them chocolate aspirin or maybe a chocolate diet pill. These unique and chocolaty gifts are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

4. Shape It Up

The holidays are a great time of year for baking, and everyone loves a treat. Medical-themed cookie cutters are a great gift idea for your health professional friends who enjoy baking. Some of the options are pill bottles, otoscopes and reflex testers. Everyone at home and at work is sure to love these.

5. Get Inspirational With Your Christmas Gifts

An encouraging word goes a long way. Give someone special inspiration memorialized in stone. Personalized inspirational canvases and plaques show how much you care and create a lasting memory.

6. Make Sure Their Holidays Are Just Ducky

If you know someone with a silly side, try a medically-themed rubber duck. Choices include ducks dressed up as nurses, doctors and more. This is an in inexpensive but charming gift that will show you're thinking of them.

7. Coffee or Tea, They’ll Need Caffeine

It’s no secret that healthcare professionals tend to work long hours. Many of our healthcare friends tend to drink coffee or tea throughout the day. Why not give them a mug identifying their profession? Customize it with a cute picture or find a suitable saying.

There are also mugs with stethoscopes, other instruments, and body organs. If you want to dole out the meds this time, you might even give someone a prescription bottle mug!

8. Medical Wear for Their Devices

In this electronic world, everyone carries a phone. Some even carry tablets and laptops. Personalized and thoughtful device cases, wraps and covers are all ways to show how much you care. You can often find medically-themed products, including stethoscopes, clipboards and other devices, as well as inspirational sayings and jokes. If you have a great picture, you can even personalize a case with it.

9. Novelty Pens

Serious Christmas gifts are great, but health professions are sobering and somber much of the time. A humorous gift is often welcomed. With all the paperwork medical professionals do, they need plenty of pens. Say thank you with a syringe or bone pen. Everyone will smile when they see these.

10. If You’re Really Crafty, Maybe You Should Make It

Some of the most heartfelt gifts are ones you make with your own two hands. There are so many creative and inspiring DIY ideas on the internet, or perhaps you have your own idea. It doesn’t matter what you choose. A quick search on Pinterest and other popular sites will yield a wealth of ideas. You can bake a gift, sew one, or create a variety of other unique presents.

If you’re looking for some unique do-it yourself ideas, try creating anatomically correct chocolates for the doctor in your life or a scrub hat. You can also create various monogrammed items or stethoscope covers. Decorated picture frames and handmade jewelry are all excellent gifts too. Just surf the web and see what tickles your fancy.

That Holiday Cheer

No matter how you choose to celebrate the holiday season, finding gifts for friends and family is a part of the tradition. It can be difficult to find gifts to fit someone’s personality. Whether you choose an ordinary or extraordinary gift, your healthcare friends and family will know they’re loved and appreciated.