10 Humerus Jokes for Allied Health Students (& Practitioners)

June 24, 2014

With the rigor of most academic programs in the medical field, most students know that one of the only ways to get by is to laugh.

Public misconceptions, unruly patients, and the absurd bustle of life are all fair game when it comes to medical humor.

Allied health students deserve a good laugh! You know you're a student or medical practitioner if you know these things all too well:

1. People often misunderstand the pain chart, so we might as well use this one:

/ /

2. You're serious about medicine, and that makes you a little weird. Well, mostly serious; always weird:

3. Your puns tend to be medical. At least they're humerus.

4. You ruin children's shows by diagnosing your child's favorite characters:

5. The animal world isn't even safe from your puns:

6. You're very... resourceful about your holiday spirit:

7.You think this would be an incredible gift:

8. Did I mention puns? Yours are never crappy:

9. Doctors, am I right?!

10. Nerdy medical terminology Ryan Gosling is straight out of your dreams:

Have any other great medical jokes? Share them with us below, or send ours over to a friend.