AIM for Wellness!

“Achieving Success through Aware and Insightful Minds”

The AIMS Education AIM for Wellness! Program

AIMS Education is committed to providing resources that promote and foster optimal emotional and mental health. “AIM for Wellness!” is a holistic initiative designed to nurture the many dimensions of human wellness. Through a comprehensive suite of programming and services, students are provided with compassionate and proactive support and equipped with practical strategies, tips, and resources that assist in cultivating “aware and insightful minds.”

Support Services

Below are the support services available through the AIMS for Wellness! program.

Wellness Seminars

Wellness workshops and seminars are offered throughout the academic year - both in-person and virtually. Sessions address such topics as: Anxiety & Stress Management, Conflict Resolution, Emotional Intelligence, Financial Literacy, Health & Fitness, Mindfulness, Resilience, Self-Confidence/Esteem, S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting, Test Anxiety, Time Management, Work/Life Balance, etc.

Wellness Coaching

Individual and group wellness coaching sessions assist students with developing/further cultivating habits that promote total wellness.

Wellness Rounds

Held both virtually and in-person, Wellness Rounds provide a safe, stigma-free and supportive environment for students to discuss such topics as Anxiety & Depression, Domestic Abuse & Violence, LGBTQIA Issues, Mental Health & Wellness, Social Justice Issues, etc.

Wellness One-Stop

Wellness One-Stop stations serve as an “on-the-go” resource area that provides students with a wealth of information on local, regional, and statewide support services and practical wellness strategies/tips.

Individual Emotional Wellness Sessions

Individual emotional support and referral is available for students experiencing distress. Students can receive brief emotional support or information regarding wellness and/or mental health resources and services as well as intervention programs. Within limits, sessions are confidential and always stigma-free.


Wellness coaches support students in locating local, regional, and statewide mental health counseling and intervention resources. In addition, students have access to a comprehensive list of local, regional, and state resources.

How to Get Support

For personal support and/or additional information regarding AIM for Wellness! support services, please email: or call 908-222-0002, Ext. 320.